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In case you own a Samsung Galaxy S3, an HTC One X or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and you wish to try out the brand new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS then, with a bit of effort you can now do so. Fact of the matter is, developers were able to port the original JB version found on the Nexus to the One X and SGS3, but unfortunately most features are not working so it's all just for show at this point in time.

The good news however is that if you wish to have just a taste of Jelly Bean without rooting and flashing your phone you can now do so as long as you own a handset running on Android 2.1 or up. Long story short, a live Jelly Bean wallpaper made its way on Google Play and it's also free so make sure you give it a try. It's not the real thing but unless you want to get your hands dirty with unofficial and barely working builds, this is as close as it gets for now.

You can find the JB live wallpaper here. It's pretty neat, the animations are nice and you'll get to see some jelly beans floating around your screen. Check it out.

Source: Google Play
Via: Droid Life
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  1. stone-heart's Avatar
    stone-heart -
    Wow! need to try it, but I don't have jelly bean on my One V. I would try to root if possible and try this live wallpaper

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