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Windows is getting some mobile love from the makers of the HTC Titan 2. This particular handset also seems to be one for the photographers since it has a super powerful camera built in. The same company that is putting out the Nokia Lumia 900 is going for twice the Windows fun with this smartphone from HTC.

Kodak has nothing on the new HTC Titan 2 smartphone. Kodak made there own smartphone with a nice camera, similar to this one in the Titan 2 made by HTC. Kodak even went so far as to sue HTC for the photo abilities that HTC has. The Titan 2 can take photos at a resolution of 4640 by 3480 pixels. It is rated for 16 megapixels of power. Plus, the camera is fairly well decked out with all the things a normal digital camera would have, including two LED flash units. The weak part is that the internal processor can not handle all that data that comes its way when the user is taking a video. Some smartphones can handle high definition video at 1080p, but the HTC Titan 2 only goes as high as 720p.

The display is made from "Super" LCD which is a bit less powerful in direct sunlight than Super AMOLED. The clarity of the screen is nothing to write home about as it only has 800 by 480 pixels of power. That puts it at a poor 199 pixels per inch ( PPI ) of clearness. Compare that with the iPhone that has 326 PPI of clarity. The size of the display is 4.7 inches and there is no accompanying manual keyboard for the handset.

For some reason HTC at times chooses not to include a MicroSD card slot in their phones. Sometimes they even choose to hide the flash card slot. The HTC Titan 2 is of the first persuasion, so far. There is no mention yet on the memory capabilities of this Titan 2, but the first Titan had 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The lack of an expansion slot will be a "deal breaker" for many. That memory is accompanied by a somewhat weak 512 megabytes of RAM. The processor is made by Qualcomm and is a S2 Snapdragon model running at 1.5 gigahertz. It is dual core which makes it perplexing as to why this smartphone can not handle 1080p video recording.

The mobile operating system chosen for the HTC Titan 2 is the struggling Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango". This comes with its stylish panels that slide to wherever the user wants. This platform came out just under a year ago. It called a smooth operator decked out with the Windows "Hub" system of navigation. The hubs cover most areas of life and are categorized as People, Messaging, Games, Office, Pictures, and "Music and Video" ( one hub ). The browser is the venerable Internet Explorer, albeit adjusted for mobile use. When searching, the Microsoft "Bing" search engine is going to be used. The Mango system is not as popular as Android and is therefore not the target of malicious crackers. That may not last long, as the Windows Mobile system is predicted to outsell the iPhone in four years. Look for this smartphone to be on AT&T shelves in about a month for close to $200 dollars.
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  1. bharti mehta's Avatar
    bharti mehta -
    Seems to be nice phone with some great features but the thing is i have tried my vodafone sim in this phone and it displays a message that sim is not recognized.

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  1. cmic's Avatar
    cmic -
    Hmm I wonder why that is?
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