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For those who work in construction or some other demanding atmosphere, Samsung has a smartphone for you. They called it the "Samsung Rugby Smart I847". This is decked out with some armor on the outside that may even outlast your two year old. You can even submerge this handset under water for up to 30 minutes as long as it does not go too deep.

Samsung seems to make a smartphone for everyone. This one is for those who live a hurried life and can not afford to baby their handset. The Samsung Rugby Smart I847 is certified by the military to withstand dust, salt, humidity, vibration, rain, solar radiation and thermal shock. It can go down to one meter underwater and survive for half an hour. How is that for a computer that fits inside your pocket?

The user interface, the display, is not decked out with amazing clarity, but the Rugby smartphone has enough to get the job done. It has 3.7 inches of digital real estate to play with. The legibility is decent at 252 pixels per inch ( PPI ). Samsung put their famous Super AMOLED touch to the craftsmanship for good brightness and less battery guzzling. All the digital acrobatics are featured for the screen, such as an accelerometer and a proximity sensor. There is no manual keyboard for the Samsung Rugby Smart I847.

As with many Samsung smartphones, Android was chosen as the mobile operating system. This smartphone just came out but it will be running an older version of Android, 2.3, also called Gingerbread. There is no word on if or when it will be getting the latest "Ice Cream Sandwich" version of the popular platform. Although the 2.3 version of this software can manage a NFC connection, there is no indicator that the Rugby Smart has the required RFID chip to make it happen. The user of the Rugby Smart should seriously look into the use of anti-malware software since the Android platform is the Prime mobile target of malware makers. Otherwise, the good news is that this version of Android has a webkit browser that supports flash files for rich web browsing.

Getting a look at the hardware, the Samsung Rugby Smart I847 is not a slouch. The processor is rated at 1.4 gigahertz and is a product of the popular Qualcomm company from Taiwan. The internal memory is rated for a tiny four gigabytes, but there is a flash card slot to add up to 32 gigabytes of data space. When you consider that this smartphone can go underwater for thirty minutes, that flash slot is impressive. The Samsung Rugby can take high definition video with its rear camera, although it will be at the lower 720p level. A secondary camera is on the front for video chats. The camera has an LED flash that can substitute for a flashlight if needed.

The Samsung Rugby Smart I847 has been run through its paces by independent testers. It passed the roughness tests with flying colors. It has been called "best in class" for its category. It is available now at AT&T for an incredible price. It is just $100 dollars with a contract.
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    Sajjad Rahman -
    WOW, looks like a great phone. Samsung have impressed customers greatly!

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    cmic -
    At the top of the game..
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    sabastiandiaz2 -
    It has nice features. Samsung always update its customer by innovative technology.
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