Cell Phone Reviews

Verizon and AT&T have both touted their 4g networks as being the fastest, largest, etc. I conducted a speed test on two identical Samsung Galaxy S3 phones. The only difference between the two was the network they run on.

Here are the results:

Note that these tests were done near Philadelphia. Both phones were manually set to the same server. Your location greatly depends on the results you will get.

Also note that the first couple tests that were done on the AT&T phone were done with an HSPA+ signal. Initially the AT&T phone was not getting a 4g LTE signal.

Generally the Verizon phone had faster download speeds while upload speeds were about even.

Here are the averages excluding the first two tests from 8/17:


  • Download: 8.644Mbps
  • Upload: 3.488Mbps

  • Download: 7.265Mbps
  • Upload: 3.936Mbps