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Airtel -Celkon Star 4G+

anjusripada 12-28-2017 12:13 AM
Now, many of you are asking yourselves which phone I'm talking about. Could it be the, drop it once and Iíll break, iphone? Or, maybe one of these Nokia's that do everything except tie your shoes. No. The phone I'm talking about not only has features; it has a touch of class. I'm talking about the Vertu Ascent Ti. It's made of forged titanium, uses sapphire crystal where most phones use plastic, and comes with a personal assistant. It's a quad-band, 3g phone that works flawlessly. Every button is made of stainless steel and each button is set in a ruby bearing for the perfect feel every time you push a key. Need a movie time, weather forecast, flight to Paris? You can use the web, but why would you? Just push the little button on the side of the phone and you'll be connected with a 24hr personal assistant that has as much power as god. Well... that might be a little exaggerated, however you can request virtually anything, and they will provide it for you. It's just brilliant! For those of you interested in taking pictures, well this phone does that too. With a 3 million pixels and a flash bright enough to land a military Jet, the picture quality, even at night, is Epic. The call quality is second to none. I could literally travel down the road, top open, highway speeds, speakerphone on, and the person on the other end couldn't tell that I was on speakerphone.

Now, you do pay for what you get. With a price tag of around 7 grand, it's a bit spendy, and when I got one, I thought "is it really worth it?" Well... yea, it is. In a world where everything is cheaply made, corners are cut, mass production is the key, not quality, this phone is none of those things. Everything is absolutely flawless. Every time you make a call, you get to look at a work of art of hand made perfection. There is only one word...perfection.

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