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Airtel -Celkon Star 4G+

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Published on 12-25-2006 01:27 PM  Number of Views: 8602 

I have found plenty of reviews for this phone online but they are all from people who use the phone for a day or two just to test it out and then write the review. I have had this phone for a month and i feel that i can offer an unbiased review.

Features and Specifications
Published on 11-29-2006 06:47 AM  Number of Views: 9557 

Offered By:

Boost Mobile
Southern LINC
Sprint (Nextel)

The i880 is Nextelís answer to the Razr; this update to the i870 is thinner, lighter and more streamlined,
while stepping up to a 2-megapixel camera and loud stereo speakers.

Published on 11-26-2006 08:43 AM  Number of Views: 32157 
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The enV from LG has everything: EV-DO high-speed technology, V CAST, VZNavigator, Wireless Sync, a QWERTY keyboard, a large internal screen, dual stereo speakers, and an external memory port. It has a 2.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with autofocus and lens cover, and Bluetooth® stereo ...
Published on 11-19-2006 11:34 PM  Number of Views: 28280 
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Feature Spec:
* 176◊220 pixel screen with 262k colors (main screen)
* 128◊160 w/ 65K colors (external)
* Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support
* Music player (MP3 and WMA) with external control keys
* EV-DO high-speed data (VCAST)
* 1.3 ...
Published on 11-04-2006 09:10 PM  Number of Views: 13419 

Several months ago I heard about the release of the new phone from LG, The Chocolate. It had not been released in the US but had been released in Asia and other places. I fell in love with the phone right away. To me, it was one of the nicer phones on the market, it was so streamline and elegant. Definitely ...
Published on 11-02-2006 03:08 AM  Number of Views: 7544 

Hi, i am a user of the K750I and here is my review about this fantastic phone.


This phone have almost all the function that you will ever need.It have:
Bluetooth(fast with se phone)
Memory stick pro duo support up to 4GB(tested ...
Published on 10-28-2006 03:47 PM  Number of Views: 5537 

The a900 is a very good phone all around.
Pros: Just look at it, its sleek, thin, and beautiful. It has a rotating camera so you don't have to close it if you take a picture of yourself. It has the media player buttons on the cover, with the volume rocker and camera button on the sides. The ...
Published on 10-24-2006 06:03 PM  Number of Views: 9094 

the below review is "UK 3G Mobile Phones " ,my personal review is that i am very happy with it, for the price it had the most features ( i could afford) using it is easy and it works well.

The Sony Ericsson K610i is a ultra slim & compact 3G mobile phone which comes ...
Published on 10-16-2006 11:48 PM  Number of Views: 4934 

I wanted phone. Not just any phone. I wanted music, games plus a phone and I didnít want to kill my thumbs while playing. I stumbled upon the Nokia N-Gage. A GSM Mobile Phone using the 1900Mhz / 900Mhz / 1800Mhz bands so it can be used on Cingular GSM but it lacks the 850MHz band that Cingular uses ...
Published on 10-11-2006 07:33 PM  Number of Views: 6720 

LG VX8300

I had to purchase two new phones, one for my daughter and one for my wife, my daughter (sixteen) received the new KRZR, my wife not being a cell phone literate or cell phone conscious, I need to evaluate her needs. I needed a phone somewhat stylish with a GOOD battery life and ...

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