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An uninspiring photograph was the source of a leak of the upcoming HTC Golf to the internet. If you read the story about the hacker who forgot to take the EXIF data out of his girlfriend's photo and subsequently got arrested, you will appreciate the extent of the intelligence in the mobile realm. The "uninspiring" photo of the HTC Golf was stripped of its EXIF data in true spy style. It is unclear why this one smartphone should get such special attention. It is not sporting many fantastic features.

The likely codenamed "HTC Golf" smartphone is going to be an "entry level" smartphone with modest features. The camera is expected to be shooting at the five megapixel level with no word on if it has LED flash or not. It will have a front camera for video chats. The front of the smartphone is covered with screen. The display is the dominant feature, with a silver trim that is refreshing from the boring black that has been presented in the past. The three and a half inch display is not up there by any means with the clarity of an iPhone. The pixel count is said to be 480 by 320. That would put the handset in the same clarity range as the HTC Salsa or the Samsung Galaxy Ace. That is not saying a lot, and users can expect to be using the "pinch to zoom" feature of the operating system on web pages with smaller text.

The exterior looks of the HTC Golf are that of a smaller HTC One X. The design must be in keeping with the other more expensive models. This will be a cheaper version. Consider the other models as the "shock and awe" while this model is for your little brother or sister. The name of this smartphone when it comes to market is said to be "HTC Wildfire C". The expected release is sometime the second quarter of this year, which would be before the end of June.

Other hardware features are unimpressive. The internal memory is going to be rated for four gigabytes of space. That will be accompanied by 512 megabytes of RAM. The HTC Golf should come with a flash card slot to handle more memory space. The processor is not expected to be as spunky or peppy as the more expensive model. It may even be less than one gigahertz in speed, matching the weak display with the specifications of about two years ago. A unique way of adding more memory space for the HTC Golf will be the addition of 25 gigabytes of online space for files. The service should last for two years.

The Golf smartphone will be running the latest in Android software. It will have the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. Google seems to be very busy trying to keep their mobile operating system clean of malware, but most every week more malware shows up in the Android market. Otherwise, this is the version that is set to get rid of the fragmentation problem that has kept programmers from really digging their teeth into Android. It may be that the Golf will see the age of some "super apps" created in the Google Play Android market. No prices are yet announced for this junior handset from HTC.