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At the moment your smartphone does pretty much what someone else has programmed into it. LG has a new idea that your smartphone should do what you want it to do, not so much Google or Apple. LG ( Life Is Good ) has hopes of bringing their competition to their knees with a novel approach to user experience. They call it the "thinking smartphone" and seem to be fairly tight-lipped about just what that may entail.

Getting a smartphone with Android installed or an iPhone will probably make any person happy if they have never had a smartphone before. Those who have had a smartphone before know that it is a complicated piece of craftsmanship. It is nothing less than a small computer that can also make phone calls. LG plans on exploiting the computing abilities of their future smartphones in such a way as to make them serve their users better. Kwon Bong-suk, the Mobile Managing Director of LG enterprise has confessed that they are preparing to release a smartphone that peronalizes itself. The Director did not give too many details, but did give some examples. The smartphone alarm could, for instance, take note of the traffic in the morning. If the smartphone saw that there was traffic backing up, it could sound off its alarm a bit early, allowing the owner to not be late for work. If you have already seen apps like this in the iTunes store, this is not an original idea.

This, of course, brings up lots of questions. What if the LG "thinking smartphone" owner is okay with being a little late to work because of traffic? It is possible for this type of smartphone to make lives easier, but it can bring in some awkward moments as well. How will a "thinking smartphone" react to the user's input if it happened to have "thought" wrongly? Will it correct itself? What LG seems to want is for its smartphones to develop some form of artificial intelligence. That will require some major reworking and of course use more battery power. LG has decided on a lofty goal, but then again, they are the only type of goals worth working on.

Kwon Bong-suk has said that all the innovation does not have to come from just Apple. There is room for other companies, namely LG. He says that LG can identify with the "universal value" that all buyers are looking for. It seems to make sense. Technology should be able to improve our lives and simply adding more features is not always the best avenue. LG says they are not going to be adding more entertainment opportunities or features to their handsets. They will instead look to build a product that fits the needs of the user.

The same Director says they are not necessarily going to focus on upper level smartphones. The low-end market is important to LG and a smartphone in the price range of around $100 dollars is what they are thinking on. Although this sounds like they are making a needless complication, Kwon Bong-suk promises that the low price will not affect the user experience. If they can bring this to pass, they will make some headway. They have been losing market share as of last year and desperately need a boost. Their "big brother", Samsung, has been overshadowing them. LG says their new idea is already underway. Look for some type of "smarter smartphone" from them in the future.
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    bharti mehta -
    LG focuses more on low end market as smart phones in the price range of around $100 dollars . this sounds like they are making a needless complication.

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