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Samsung takes most of the limelight in the world of smartphones these days, but LG has had a card up their sleeve. It is called the LG LTE2. This smartphone is a front runner in the world of flagship handsets and comes with plenty of hardware to prove it. It may or may not be coming to the United States and other Western countries, but for sure will be launching in the "land of the morning calm".

South Korea is going to be the home of the next version of the Optimus LTE from last year. The LG LTE2 will probably wow some who expected only news from the Samsung front, since they are in the same country. This smartphone has updated components from the RAM to the battery. The RAM is stuffed into the LG LTE2 at the rate of two gigabytes of power. This is a first for smartphones and will definitely impress the power smartphone user. No more waiting for menus or programs to load. If you remember, the Optimus line of smartphones was the first to put a dual core chip inside a smartphone. LG does not seem to be losing their vision.

The screen is two tenths of an inch larger than the last LTE, but it has the same amount of pixels. For those who like to see the numbers, that amounts to 1280 by 720 pixels of power. For comparison the iPhone 4S has three and a half inches of digital real estate and 960 by 640 pixels of resolution. The screen is not crafted like the Samsung models. It has true RGB subpixel craftsmanship, which bests the Samsung SIII. Nevertheless, the screen is going to be able to be viewed easily from high angles, thanks to its IPS ( In Plane Switching ) construction. The extra comfort of not having to look directly at the screen to see what is going on is a great feature.

Thanks to the new abilities of the display, the battery in the LG LTE2 smartphone has been pumped up to 2,150 mAh. To go along with that, the battery can be recharged with WPC Wireless charging. If you remember the Palm smartphones, they could be charged by placing them on a mount. This is similar, as in done without a cable, over the air. The WPC is the "Wireless Power Consortium" and seeks to have an international standard for this type of charging soon.

The processor is going to be powerful in the LG LTE2. It will be quad core and steaming along at 1.4 gigahertz. The wireless features of the handset are not yet known, but the handset does come with some other interesting features. The camera responds to voice commands. Having this instead of a timer is a great idea. The menus and programs are going to be run by the latest version of Android, the "Ice Cream Sandwich" version ( 4.0 ). The user interface will be overlaid with the LG version of Android. Look for this smartphone to be seen on the South Korean shelves by the middle of this month. There is no word on other countries just yet.