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Those of you who happen to own the Nokia Lumia 900 should already be aware of the fact that both the Finnish manufacturer and Microsoft are planning on bringing Windows Phone 7.8 to the respective device.

The update is said to bring some customization options that will be found in the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS, alongside a wider range of features and applications. However, the bad news came not long ago that Windows Phone 7.8 will not support in-app purchases and in fact, Windows Phone 8 will be the only (or the first) operating system that will support this particular feature.

Further reports also indicate that WP 7.8 will not benefit from any "Wallet" features expected in WP 8. No exact reason for this has been given but the fact that no current Windows Phone handset supports NFC might be the biggest cause. That being said, if you want the entire Windows Phone 8 experience you will have to wait for a WP 8 device to hit the market.

Source: The Verge
Via: Mobile Syrup