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With the unfortunate news concerning the lack of in-app purchasing in the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8, it seems that Nokia is planning on launching a brand new smartphone that will supposedly run on the anticipated Windows Phone 8 OS.

The Nokia Lumia 900 has been launched not too long ago but considering the fact that with Windows Phone 7.8 is probably the best OS the device in question will ever see, and taking in consideration the fact that Nokia has just dodged a bullet from a financial standpoint, it's understandable why the Finnish manufacturer wants to keep things interesting and launch a new, more powerful device by the end of the year.

Reports are coming in that Nokia might work diligently on a new Lumia phone that will run on the also-not-yet-launched Windows Phone 8. Word around the campfire is that the manufacturer will in fact unveil this particular device on September 5th during the Nokia World event, and it might end up hitting the international market by the end of the year.

Would you be interested in buying a Nokia device running Windows 8?

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Mobile Syrup