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Not long ago we've let you guys and girls know that the release date of the Nokia Lumia 928 seems to be getting closer and closer. The reason for this was because a handful of accessories for the respective device have been made available for purchase on Amazon. It's some sort of an unwritten law that when a gadget receives a bunch of accessories before its launch, the actual release is also nearby.

Well, we're now taking yet another giant step towards the Lumia 928's release, as the gadget in question has now appeared not only on the Finnish manufacturer's official website, but in the Vanity Fair magazine as well.

However –as the title above suggests- the gadget has been only partially revealed. To be more precise, the design is no longer a mystery, but Nokia hasn't mentioned anything regarding the hardware specs, and Verizon has remained quiet altogether. Nevertheless, this Windows Phone 8 flagship is as real as it can be.

What's known about the device's hardware though, is that it packs an 8.7 PureView camera at the back featuring Optical Image Stabilization and Carl Zeiss lens. That makes it one of the best smartphones on the market when it comes down to the ability of taking pictures and recording videos.

In fact, Nokia has already published a clip in which the 928's video recording capabilities are compared to those of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, in low light conditions. The results speak for themselves and the 928 is as impressive (if not more) than its Lumia 920 sibling.

As far as availability goes, it's anyone's guess, but the handset's release in the US via Verizon is definitely not too far away, now that the handset has been revealed. Check out the video below and let the community know whether or not you're planning on buying one of these handsets.

Source: Nokia
Via: Engadget, Phone Arena