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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of Samsung's many older smartphones that have been confirmed for a Jelly Bean update, alongside the original Note, the Ace 2 as well as the S Advance. Certain SGS2 variants have received Android 4.1 in January and the roll-out continued to expand during these past few months.

Now we've received great news for those of you that happen to live in the US and own a Galaxy S2 via Alltel, as the carrier in question has recently made Jelly Bean available for download.

However, you probably haven't received the update notification on your Alltel Galaxy S2 and there's a good reason for that: the update is not being deployed over-the-air.

The main reason for this is because, updating the SGS2 from Gingerbread to Android 4.1 requires a bit more than a simply update to the system files. As such, Alltel has made Jelly Bean available through the Simple Upgrade Tool from Samsung. The issue however, is that if you don't own a Windows machine then you'll have to rely on someone who does, or you'll need to visit the nearest Alltel dealership and ask for assistance, as the aforementioned software/tool is compatible only with Microsoft's operating system.

As for the update itself, not many details regarding the changelog have been given, but if the package is similar to the one that has been deployed on other Galaxy S2 variants then what you can expect is a boost in performance thanks to Project Butter, Google Now, as well as a wide range of Samsung-specific new features. These include a new TouchWiz Nature user interface, expandable and actionable notifications, a new lockscreen, new widgets as well as applications such as Pop-up Play, Smart Stay and more.

Feel free to visit the source link below in order to download and read the instructions on how to apply the Android 4.1 update on your Samsung Galaxy S2 at Alltel.

Source: Alltel Wireless
Via: Android Central
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    the Samsung Galaxy S2 seems more attractive.

    See More: Article: The Samsung Galaxy S2 at Alltel Receives Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
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