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There is skinny and then there is skinny. Motorola was after the prize for the world's thinnest smartphone. They have handily lost to the Chinese creation called "Oppo Finder". The Razr that came out recently was happy with its savvy 7.1 millimeter ( .2795 inch ) size. Now the new Oppo Finder has it beat with an amazing 6.65 millimeters ( .2618 inch ). That is a significant amount of extra savviness and puts China on the map for some super engineering feats.

If you think the new Oppo Finder is filled with things that would compromise its performance, you would be wrong. The display is made of Super AMOLED Plus material, just like the popular Samsung models. It is a nice wide 4.3 inches of digital real estate. Compare that with the iPhone 4S with its three and a half inch size. By the way, the Apple iPhone 4S is 9.3 millimeters thick, making it seem like an obese old man in comparison with the Finder.

The Oppo Electronics company is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. They have been making smartphones for a few years. Their older versions used Android for an operating system. This skinny model is also running Android, and in the newest version, 4.0 ( 4.0.3 ). This is called Ice Cream Sandwich and is a bit faster than the last smartphone version of Android. The browser is said to be 220 percent faster than the Gingerbread version. It also supports a "buttons free" control, which means all physical buttons can be removed from a smartphone. The iPhone still has a physical button to push. Android is still a malware magnet, so Oppo Finder owners will need to be careful with security.

The Finder does not skimp in the camera section. The rear camera is eight megapixels of photo taking prowess and the front wields 1.3 megapixels. Thanks to a powerful chip inside, both cameras can take high definition video. The front is a little less powerful and "only" takes video in the 720p format. Believe it or not, the Finder sports dual LED flash in such a small package. The camera does jut out of the back of the smartphone just a bit, and is likely not included in the savvy specifications.

So what powers such a thin smartphone? There is a dual core chip whizzing along at 1.5 gigahertz inside. Yes, that is the same as the Samsung Galaxy SIII that is so popular. The Finder has a whopping one gigabyte of RAM inside, which is a feat when you remember it is just 6.65 millimeters in size. Other hardware specifications include 16 gigabytes of internal memory. That may or may not be accompanied by a flash card slot, Oppo has yet to specify.

The battery life will be the main point to consider with a smartphone of this small size. It should be at least 1500 or 1600 mAh in size or that nice big screen will make short life of it. No battery specifications have yet been revealed, though. This super skinny handset will be priced at around $630 without a contract. The release date will be the Sixth of June, just around the corner. China will be the first place the handset will come to market. Other countries are not on the list, yet.