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Av890 Elegant Fashion Stereo Bluetooth Headset Black
Was: $32.78; New price:$13.11 USD

I just received the Av890 Elegant Fashion Stereo Bluetooth Headset Black. I it ordered from Tmartís in order to do a review (plus I just had to have this one in my collection!). Free shipping when the items ordered are in the US warehouse (North Brunswick, NJ.
Delivery was as expected in 3-5 days.
Less wire and more music!
Have you ever expected to enjoy the music without wires to tangle or noise to disturb you? This Elegant Fashion AV890 Stereo Bluetooth Headset makes you totally free and relaxed. Combining ease-of-use with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology, it is the ideal headwear for the active music lover. Listen to your favorite songs in comfort and style, switching effortlessly from music to talk when there's a call. Simplify your communications with this lightweight and versatile headset. You'll enjoy all-day wearing comfort, clearer voice transmission and superior sound quality. Enjoy your tough work with music.
See more: http://www.tmart.com/previews/Av890-...k_p107259.html


The quality of this project exceeds its cost. Good sound quality, convenient, confortable after prolonged use, easy to pair, clear reception, it turns your regular stereo earphone into a blue tooth stereo earphone.
Charging cord is too short and connection is flimsy. Bluetooth clip-on ear bud is the same as a wired ear bud and is not much use as Bluetooth to me.

My Three Day Trial:
Unit was easy to pair and fast connect to my HTC EVO 4G LTE. Voice communications and music audio were above average for Bluetooth device. Multimedia play provides volume control, song selection, and play /pause functions. Bluetooth clip-on Stereo headset is the best use I have for this device.

My rating (5MAX)

Class 2
Talk time: 6 hours
Standby time: 100 Hours

Package Includes

1 x Black Elegant Fashion AV890 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
1 x Charger
1 x Double-sided headphones
1 x Single headphones
1 x User manual
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  1. obaria's Avatar
    obaria -
    what about sound of this products when you enjoy yourself

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  1. camstuf's Avatar
    camstuf -
    I updated my trial experience to include sound quality. Thanks
  1. cursor system's Avatar
    cursor system -
    Is all its accessories available and replaceable?
  1. obaria's Avatar
    obaria -
    Yes,of course
    Quote Originally Posted by cursor system View Post
    Is all its accessories available and replaceable?
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