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The idea of user interchangeable smartphone hardware components is a pretty new one. The Motorola Moto X came close to this concept, at least in the form of rumors. It's been speculated that the Moto X will offer customization options for the amount of RAM, storage and even display. Of course, that did not happen and we all know that the range of customization options offered by the Moto X is strictly visual. It's a start, but not nearly to the extent of customization variety suggested by the rumors.

But, those of you who are still hoping for customized hardware should be happy to know that there are certain companies out there who are trying to turn this idea into reality. Not long ago, the "Phonebloks" concept has been unveiled and during these past several days, this theoretical handset made the world Tour.

So what is Phonebloks anyway? Well, if you haven't figured this out already, Phonebloks is a concept smartphone which employs modularity to remain fresh for years. As we all know, new flagship smartphones appear on a 6-month basis (give or take). One year in and your flagship phone is turned into a decent mid-range device by default. This can be a problem, mainly because there are many people who are willing to throw away perfectly good smartphones and buy a new ones. It's a cycle that has become somewhat of a resource waste.

Phonebloks however, is a smartphone that would arrive with interchangeable blocks on the back and front panels. The user would theoretically be able to change the battery, the CPU, storage, RAM, and even the camera, speaker and the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth modules. On the front panel, the user would be able to fit a screen with a higher resolution once the original configuration got old. In fact, we'd be able to fit a QWERTY physical keyboard on the front panel at the cost of screen size, if that would be our desire. Everything goes with Phonebloks!

Even more interestingly is that, the concept itself implies the existence of a module store. Manufacturers all around the world would have the option of building and selling these modules on the official Phonebloks store, much like app developers are selling apps on the Google Play Store.

It's a really interesting concept to say the least, and I do hope that it will catch grip. If you're interested in learning more about it and see the concept in action, then check out the video below. Also, don't hesitate to show your support by visiting the source links below.

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