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The name of this smartphone is indicative of its personality. If you can imagine a scaled down Samsung Galaxy S2 that would be close. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is designed for small spaces and small change. It will easily go into tiny spaces without a problem. Those who use glasses may have a problem with the text sizes that are going to be coming from this screen. Otherwise, Samsung is stretching out their Galaxy name to include a smorgasbord of various handsets, including this small one.

The details on the display of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket are a throwback to two years ago. The older Blackberry smartphones use to have the same resolution and close to the same size. Nevertheless, this is a touch screen display and created with LCD, not AMOLED. The clarity is rated for 240 by 320 pixels on a display that is 2.8 inches in size. The good news is that the OEM Android platform is covered by the Touchwiz user interface. The user's eyes are going to have to be good or the user is going to have to use "pinch to zoom" with the smaller text sizes.

More small specifications go with the camera. It does not have auto focus and weighs in at two megapixels of power. The one feature it does have is geo tagging. The geo tagging can be turned off in the menus of the miniature smartphone for privacy and security. The handset must have been too small for a second camera as the front is devoid of this feature. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Pocket can take video at 15 frames per second at QVGA levels.

Believe it or not the tiny Galaxy Pocket smartphone can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It handles all the modes of Wi-Fi as well back to the "B" mode. Another wireless wonder is that the handset has a stereo FM radio with RDS. If you do not know what RDS is, this is the extra programming sent from the radio station that is readable. It contains info such as author, name of song or program and other such data. Bluetooth is not up to the most modern standards, but is somewhat impressive in the 3.0 version. Bluetooth 4.0 is the newest version and is a great improvement.

You will not find much internal memory space in the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. How about three gigabytes? Not to worry, the smallish handset has a slot for a MicroSD card. It can add up to 32 more gigabytes of external memory for music or other files. The processor is buzzing along at 832 megahertz in the handset. The accompanying RAM is not specified.

This handset runs a slightly older version of Android, version 2.3 "Gingerbread". Gingerbread was touted as being the platform that brought in NFC contactless payments for Android smartphones. The problem is that a microchip is needed to make it work. There is no indicator that the Pocket has the needed chip for NFC. Again, not to worry, QR code apps are available to take up the slack. The Android "Google Play" market is plagued with malware, so warnings about downloading free apps are standard fare. This smartphone is headed to the European market and their carriers may install Carrier IQ. This is a rootkit in Android that records keystrokes not unlike a keylogger trojan on a PC. Luckily, Lookout Labs has a special app that detects if a smartphone is infected with Carrier IQ. It is recommended for this Pocket handset.

This smartphone only weighs 97 grams. That is 3.12 ounces for the North American readers. The battery is huge for the size of the smartphone. It is 1200 mAh of power and should last for at least six hours of talk time. The price is not yet known for this bantam smartphone but it will be coming to British shores first.
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