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If you live in the UK, and want a SIM free, unlocked, Samsung Galaxy Note, now is the time to get it. Amazon UK has both the white and the dark blue version, for 396.71 and 418.15. These prices will not only get you the Samsung Galaxy Note, but free shipping as well.

Marketplace has the Samsung Galaxy Note as well and just a tad bit cheaper. The above prices by Amazon UK is a great deal, considering that when the Galaxy Note was first launched, the price was at 594 and 538.80.

Head on over to Amazon UK now to pick up your Samsung Galaxy Note.

via: http://www.unwiredview.com/2012/04/2...lue-at-amazon/
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  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    Looks like the device is pretty expensive, saving money to own one.Hope it serves me well.

    See More: Article: Samsung Galaxy Note priced at 396.71 and 418.15 at Amazon UK
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