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If you heard that Samsung just beat out Apple and Nokia for smartphone manufacturing, you may have been expecting today's news. The "Land of the morning calm" has just released a powerful new processor for their smartphones called the "Exynos Quad 4". It is one of those marvels that somehow bring more power to the same amount of area in the smartphone. This chip is already confirmed to be installed in the upcoming Galaxy SIII smartphone.

If you could make yourself twice as powerful while keeping your present size, would you consider it? Not only did Samsung do this, they made that same space use less energy as well. The key is in newer and smaller 32 nanometer technology. The smaller the number in front of the word "nanometer" signifies smaller spaces inside a CPU chip. The last level was 45 nanometers and scientists are already working on the next level, which is 28 nanometers. The Samsung corporation has installed four ARM Cortex A9 cores into the package. It runs at 1.4 gigahertz but is very flexible. The circuits can be turned down or up as the need arises. It can shut off some cores if all that is happening is a phone call. It can ramp up all four cores if a 3D game is being played. This ability means the chip is going to use 20 percent less battery juice than earlier models.

If you find the "ARM Cortex" name familiar, it is because Samsung has traditionally made this processor for the Apple iPhone. There is no indicator yet if this super fast Quad 4 chip is planning on residing in the upcoming iPhone 5 ( or whatever they will choose to call it ) or not. With all the legal wrangling over patents, it will be interesting to see if Apple continues to use Samsung chips in the near future.

The "Exynos Quad 4" chip is expected to be a direct competitor to the Nvidia Tegra 3 that runs at a slightly higher 1.5 gigahertz. Nvidia named their chip the "Kal El", after the Marvel Superman character. Both the Exynos and the Tegra will also be used in tablets, not just smartphones. HTC will be using the Tegra 3 in the HTC One X. Power smartphone users will have a hard choice when both the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X are finally available. They will both run the Android platform, so, may the best chip win.
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  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    New Exynos smartphone chip looks to be very promising. Great!

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