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Those who were waiting for something other than Android from the makers of Samsung smartphones can now get a sneak peek at what is yet to come. It is called the "Samsung SGH-i667 Mandel" and will be running the Windows Phone mobile operating system instead of Android. It is going to follow up the Nokia Lumia 900 that also sports the same Windows platform.

The photos show a white smartphone with both the Windows Phone and AT&T logos. This Windows Phone will be able to handle LTE ( Long Term Evolution ) networks and have a nominal amount of internal memory. Sources say it will come with eight gigabytes of memory inside with 5.41 to 5.6 gigabytes of that available to the user. The white color scheme is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Finally Samsung is revving up their paint booths to accommodate those who want something more than just boring black. The Samsung SGH-i667 Mandel looks to be competing with the Lumia 710 from Nokia that is also available in white.

The Windows Phone Mango version ( 7.5 ) inside the Mandel will more than likely be the same specifications as in the Nokia models. The details on processor speed, wireless capabilities and screen size are yet to be told. The Nokia models are already in the limelight, but Samsung is always one to throw up a battle. Look for this smartphone to come out some time in the second quarter of this year for an undisclosed price on the AT&T network.