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For those who are tired of "basic black", Samsung, as usual, has your back. That is, if you live in South Korea. They are producing a very feminine edition of their popular Samsung Galaxy Note in a color they call "berry pink". The new model is packing a nice surprise. It is hooked up with the latest version of Google Android, the "Ice Cream Sandwich" version.

The "berry pink" version of the Samsung Galaxy Note is one for the girls. This model is a lot like the former version, but has a matching folding cover and stylus pen, but the cover is an optional feature. The stylus is for accurate selection of whatever is on the screen of this huge smartphone. The screen of the large smartphone ( small tablet? ) is 5.3 inches in size. No modern smartphone out today matches the digital real estate of this handset.

Taking a look at the new mobile operating system, the pretty pink Galaxy Note is displaying the latest from Google. The new ( 4.0 ) version is faster than the old 2.3 version. The browser is said to be 220 percent quicker now, which will make web surfers happy. The new version also needs no physical buttons, such as a "home" button. The latest Apple iPhone and probably the upcoming model as well, will still be using a "home button" under the screen, taking up valuable space on the front of the smartphone. The user interface has been improved to improve social updates. Widgets and shortcuts have been located in the "apps tray". Folders are more easily created with the Ice Cream Sandwich version as well. The "app tray" is designed to mimic the Honeycomb from earlier tablet versions. The settings menu can now be reached from any place on the smartphone. The new updates do not make this platform any more secure than it was, but there are anti-malware apps that can be downloaded to help protect personal identity and from infections.

The berry pink Samsung Galaxy Note is joining the other colors, white and carbon blue for those who want a smartphone with a more subtle hue. The millions of units of this model have created these new color options, just like it did for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and others. Look for this pink model to be on sale now in South Korea.