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If you are one of those people who hate those two year contracts, Samsung has a smartphone for you. This one is called the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C and comes with Google Android. The trick curved glass treatment is used on this prepaid smartphone and it looks pretty cool.

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is not a flagship smartphone by any stretch of the imagination. When is a prepaid phone ever a flagship? Nevertheless, Samsung made this handset with a bit of personality to it. The screen is the same size as an iPhone 4S, but it has a curve to it. The reason they did that is to make the Proclaim fit into a hand. With more comfort, it is more likely to be used and liked. The rest of the information about the screen is not so hot. It has very poor clarity. The pixel count is 320 by 480. That is the same as smartphones from two years ago. The good news is that the screen supports multi-touch, so a user can pinch to zoom to read small text. There is no manual keyboard for this smartphone. The display is not made with AMOLED but with the older LCD technology.

The internal memory for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is rated at a limited one gigabyte. That can be added to with the flash card slot. It looks like they will be giving away a two gigabyte MicroSD card for free with the handset. The processor is cruising at a speed of one gigahertz. Do not expect dual core chips or anything like that. This handset is not up to par with dual core handsets. The Wi-Fi is limited as well. It can lend internet to other devices with its hotspot feature. The smartphone is not up to handling the "N" mode of Wi-Fi though.

Samsung gave the camera plenty of features in the Galaxy Proclaim. It is not powerful, it is just 3.15 megapixels in strength. But it has cartoon, panorama, continuous, geo tagging, and editing modes. It does not have flash but it does support video. There is no secondary camera for the front. The smartphone can not produce high definition video because of the weak processor.

Google Android in the "Gingerbread" version is taking care of the menus and programs for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. This version supports NFC, but this smartphone does not have the needed RFID chip inside to support it. The Android mobile operating system has gotten popular enough to have attracted lots of destructive people. As such, malware is rampant on this platform and a good anti-malware software is a must. Android malware quadrupled from last year to this year so learning about this platform is also a must.

The battery in the Proclaim smartphone is a 1500 mAh lithium ion model. Samsung says it will last for five and a half hours of continuous use. That is just below average for smartphones. There is no set date for the release of this handset, but it will be going to Net10 and the StraightTalk ( Tracfone ) carriers. Look for it to cost about $180 dollars.