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For those hoping to have a better camera when the Samsung Galaxy Note II comes out, you may be a little disappointed. It was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note II would have a 13MP camera, once launched, but it looks as if things have changed.

According to Ddaily, a Korean website, Samsung is running short on on CMOS sensors from Sony. There is such a big demand for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, that Samsung is having trouble producing enough of the CMOS sensors to bring in the 13MP camera for the Galaxy Note II. But that doesn't make sense, since Sony is is providing LG with plenty of CMOS sensors for their LG Optimus G.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II will end up with just the 8MP camera due to the shortages.

via: http://www.unwiredview.com/2012/09/0...ors-from-sony/
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    cursor system -
    This is just a rumor. We should wait until Note II is released.

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