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Thanks to the ability of some to read the EXIF data inside photos, a new Sony smartphone called the "LT29i Hayabusa" has revealed itself. Just from the photos posted on a popular photo sharing site, the Hayabusa, a likely code name, was spied out. The build number of the smartphone was listed inside the EXIF data of photos taken with the handset. It matched closely to the build number of the Xperia S.

Mobile is big business, and spying on sites that have uploaded photos from as yet unreleased smartphones is a new talent online. The unsuspecting and assumed Sony test of the camera of the LT29i Hayabusa let the "cat out of the bag" this time. This smartphone is going to be similar to the Xperia ion in makeup. What makes the handset a standout from the regular flagship releases is the monstrous power of the camera. It weighs in at a stunning 13 megapixels. People use to stand in awe of the Nokia release last year of their N9 smartphone with the 12 megapixel camera. Now Sony is preparing to eclipse that.

The hardware of the Sony Xperia LT29i "Hayabusa" is not going to disappoint. It will boast a four and a half inch ( 11.57 centimeters ) screen with no manual buttons. The Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 Pro processor is one of those "system on a chip" CPUs with a dual core setup inside. It is going to be accompanied by an Adreno 320 GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit ) for plenty of sway in moving data. It runs at the same speed as the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, 1.5 gigahertz.

This Sony Xperia LT29i handset is going to sport a clear screen. It is packed with a 1196 by 720 display that accommodates the Android control buttons. This signifies that the smartphone is going to be pushing the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Google software. The battery is rated at 2200 mAh so the user will need to be careful with gaming and videos if they want long battery life. The Sony powerhouse is expected to be able handle LTE ( Long Term Evolution ) networks when it finally gets here in the Summer. It looks to be headed to the United States on the AT&T network. When it does come to market expect it to be marketed under the name of the "Xperia GX".
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  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    Isnt Hayabusa the name of a bike?Looks like the handset is going to create quite a lot of buzz in the market.Great share thanks.

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