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Sony is really on the move when it comes to pushing out new devices. This time, Sony is doing something a little bit different. They are allowing fans, to be the ones, who decides when the new Sony Xperia handset should be announced. There is a new Sony Xperia handset, that Sony is on the verge of announcing, yet, we do not know what this Xperia handset's name will be.

Although the date of announcement may change, Sony plans on announcing this new Xperia handset on June 21. If you want to have Sony Xperia handset to be announced earlier, all you have to do, is go to Sony's Facebook Page, click "Fast Forward" button, will “bring the next Xperia announcement a little bit closer.”

And...if you like competitions, Sony is letting fans enter these competitions, for a chance to win a "secret" device.

You can go here to get started: https://www.facebook.com/connect/uis...uth_referral=1

via: http://www.unwiredview.com/2012/06/1...-next-10-days/
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  1. Rinki Garg's Avatar
    Rinki Garg -
    Sony company has a goodwill all over the world and I hope this time by releasing Sony mobile the will achieve one more goodwill era in this world. Thanks mate.

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