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On August 21, the BlackBerry Torch 9850 will be launched with Sprint. The BlackBerry Torch 9850 will be joining the BlackBerry Torch 9930 on the same day of Sprint's launch and will feature the BlackBerry OS 7 as well as a 1.2GHz single core processor, 5MP cameras with 720p video recording.

Sprint's price of the BlackBerry Torch 9930 will be $249.99 on contract and the BlackBerry Torch 9850 will be priced at $149.99 on a 2 year contract with Verizon. The difference between the two handsets is that the Torch 9850 is keyboardless while the Torch 9930 has a full QWERTY keyboard.

via: Sprint Community: Announcements: BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9850 Available for Sprint Customers on Aug. 21
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  1. Laurra Simpson's Avatar
    Laurra Simpson -
    I have this phone.....I hate it....I miss my old Blackberry and I think I'm going to go with an iPhone this summer.....tired of it freezing up.

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