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Last month news about the Samsung Galaxy S3's launch at T-Mobile was also accompanied by rumors concerning the release of the Galaxy Note via the same carrier. At that point in time the guys over at TmoNews (or their sources to be more precise) were speculating that the handset might hit the market on July 11.

Since then, the device made a visit to the FCC di*****ing any forms of skepticism regarding whether or not T-Mobile's Galaxy Note truly existed, and all we had to do is wait and see how the story unfolds.

Unfortunately things aren't looking too good right now for those of you wanting to buy a Note via Magenta, as the latest rumors from TmoNews suggest that the launch date of the device might've been pushed-back until August 8th.

To be honest the July 11th launch was not set in stone, so it's not actually fair to say that the launch of the device suffered a push back, but if these latest rumors turn out to be true the phablet will nonetheless hit the shelves later than expected. But by then the LG Optimus VU could also hit the US market via Verizon, so the more the choices the better. Which one will you pick? Let us know.

Source: TmoNews