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    hello all,

    I got married last month and took a pic of my wife as we were at the las vegas wedding bureau. what i forgot was that had i switched from a local cell phone service to cricket who were nice enough to provide a partial flashing to my samsung r430 phone which disabled pic messaging of any kind. All it says is invalid address when i try to save that one important pic by sending it in a message any where be it another phone or email address. I tried going to cricket locally and the employee who did not listen to what i was trying to do proceeded to delete the pic from my images library to our shock. The only backup i have is now in the outbox which does not let me save the image to the images folder. All i need to do is be able to send it like any regular picture message and I can safely save this picture. I would very much appreciate any help in saving this one image.

    Thx in advance for any help

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    Re: trying to save a single pic

    Have you tried getting a data cable for the phone and hooking it up to your computer? I'm not sure if you'll be able to access the picture in the phone's memory though.

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    Re: trying to save a single pic from Samsung MyShot

    screenshot option works for you

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