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    So I have a Cricket MSGM8 II... Not the best phone in the whole world, but it's fine for what I need.

    I've had this phone for about six months now, and it's worked fine up until yesterday. For some reason it's decided that instead of vibrating when I get a text, like it's supposed to, it's beeping. Just one, little, quiet, beep.

    I've checked a ton of times making sure the alert volume is set to vibrate, I tried turning it off and back on again, turning the volume up and then back to vibrate (to trick it or something?), and it just won't go back to vibrate!

    I have absolutely NO IDEA why this is happening. I'm not sure anybody will know what's happening here, but if you can help, please respond! It's driving me totally crazy!


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    Re: Help With My Cricket MSGM8 II!

    Have you tried the pulling the battery while the phone is turned on trick? Rebooting that way is apparently the thing tech support will suggest first.

    If you hit the volume lever on the left side up or down, does it bring up your selected ring? It should, and then pressing the button in the middle of the navigation button should select for whatever volume it is ringing.

    If neither of those does any good, you probably need to go in person to a Cricket store. (Though if the phone turns out to be broken and in a way not covered by warranty, you will probably save money buying a replacement online.)
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    Re: Help With My Cricket MSGM8 II!

    Do one thing just visit this web link which is cricket's official website. Just, login and pay $5 for registration and once registered you can send your phone for repair.

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    Re: Help With My Cricket MSGM8 II!

    Is there a setting for a text message tone?

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    Re: Help With My Cricket MSGM8 II!

    u can check getting to menu>messages>Settings look for message tone or menu>Settings>Sounds look for message tone!

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