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    I hope someone can help me here. I received a text message from Cricket (5555) offering an Android phone for $59.99 for NEW activation. The text included an address on where to go for further details.

    Now, i called 411 to get the telephone number of this particular store and the operator could not find any information. I called Cricket Customer Service and they don't have any info of this particular store.

    The store was located on 2735 N. Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, IL.

    Is this a hoax? The number came from 5555. Can i go to a different branch to get the same deal offer?

    Thanks for any help any one can give me.

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    Re: Received Cricket text message for promo

    You can probably go to any corporate store, but since it did state an address it is possible you must go to that location. I'm surprised the text didn't give you a phone number to call the store.

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