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    Every time i press any button on my phone, it ends up doing nothing. the only button that works is the End call button. if i press the end call button then quickly hold another button, the phone begins to work as long as i hold any other button. it would be very awesome if someone can help me. plz.

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    Re: Need help with my cricket MSGM8 II

    Welcome to CellPhoneForums.net! It's nice to have you here. If you'd like, you can post an introduction here: New Member Introductions - Cell Phone Forums

    Because of the kind of issues you're having, it is best if you take your phone to your nearest full service Cricket store. If the phone is less than one year old, you can do a warranty exchange for $20, as long as you haven't damaged the phone, since that would void the warranty. Please bring the receipt with you.

    If you have insurance, a full service Cricket location can help you out. I would recommend doing a warranty exchange if possible, since it's cheaper than what the deductible would be. Also, it might be best just to purchase another phone, because the deductible might be higher than what it costs to just purchase another phone.

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