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    I've read up on both of these phones. And from what I can see, I'd have to choose between having a built-in camera with the SK2, or I'd have bluetooth and ICQ access with the blackberry. I just can't decide! Which one would you choose and why?

    Also, does anyone know of any other type of SmartPhone that T-Mo supports?


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    The SE P900 has a camera, bluetooth and java, so you can get chat applications for any of the major IM services. It's probably a little more expensive though.

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    it really depends on what you're gonna be using it for..the sidekick isnt great as a phone and it doesn't have bluetooth but it excels with the features that it does have..the blackberry is much more business oriented..personally, I'm getting the new sidekick myself since I already have a cell fone plan on tmobile

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    The SE P900 IS NICE!!! However, that current price tag of $700.00 is not quite down my ally! LOL! Thanks for pointing out that phone though! I'll keep an every on it!

    As for the BlackBerry vs the Sidekick, I had a good look at the Sidekick 2 earlier. GREAT phone. Much better than the SK-Color. The camera is a nice add-on, the screen is sharp and the SK itself feels great. I'm going to wait till I can get the Blackberry in my hands before I make a final decision. But as of right now, I am geared more towards the BlackBerry 7100t.


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