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    hey, so if i were to buy an unlocked sidekick II off ebay or something, how would i go about using it with my cingular plan. i dont want to do any prepaid stuff, i just want to replace my current phone on the same plan im on. do i just put in my cingular sim card? i also want to be able to use AIM, email, and the internet. does anyone know if cingular has a plan to get that stuff on a tmobile phone? thanks a lot. im sure this question has been asked before, but i can only find threads on verizon and prepaid plans..

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    one, all of the settings on the sidekick are still on t-mobiles network, so just by simply inserting your cingular sim it won't work for certain features, ie: AIM, Internet Browser, etc. It will still (more than likely) work as a phone, and considering the Sidekick is exclusive to T-Mobile and Cingular doesnt have a "sidekick" plan, im not sure it will work for you, although someone else might have a better answer for you!
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    if u use an unlocked sidekick 2 with cingular it will only work to call people... meaning no aim, web browser, email, etc.....

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