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    Hey, I'm currently a Sprint PCS Customer and my contract ends pretty soon. Im sick and tired of contracts, and I decided that im going to T-Mobile (Pay as you go) and purchase a Sidekick II. I actually haven't had the time to go to a T-Mobile store and find out how much the Sidekick II's are, so can someone give me some solid info on how much there going for as of now and If it's the right thing to do. I do text alot, and Im always online, so thats one of the main reasons I want it. Anything suggestions would help. Thanks.

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    You can get the sidekick with the data only plan which is 30.00 a month WITH a one year contract BUT its totally worth it! Prepaid is the same thing 30.00 a month and they take a dollar off your account weather or not you use the phone. If you get a plan with the sidekick, the data plan goes down to 20.00! I say you go with the data only plan with a contract, its better.
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