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    its official, i got my 50.00 rebate from Tmobile for my sidekick yesterday! Just thought id let everyone know. I had a personal friend of mine tell me he didnt get his rebate and they never give rebates, even when they say they do. well, i can prove his theory wrong! I got my rebate within id say a month or less. I got my phone Jan 28th, i had to wait till my 14 day trial period was up before i could send in for my rebate ( just to make sure i wasnt going to return the phone and try getting the rebate ). so basically, i had to fill out a form, that asks my account #, phone number, name etc.. and the next part of the rebate was to rip a part of the box off that had numbers on it, relevant with the phone serial # and such (it had to be the actual BOX ripped off, and NOT a photocopy, so that u dont forge anything ) and the last part was a copy of the receipt, proving i paid for the phone and the date ). So after getting all of that together, i put it in the mail. i cheated though lol, i put it in the mail 2 days before my trial period was up, only because i knew i was keeping the phone and by the time they got it, it would be 2-3 days later, meaning, my trial period was up lol and that would make it get to me quicker. So basically, i got the phone 1-28, mailed the rebate in on thursday february 9th, and got it back March 18th. Okay, so it was a bit more then a month, about a month and a week, still thats pretty good. considering, i didnt think i was even gonna get a rebate back cause of what my friend told me! so im pretty excited! =)

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    nice work renee!

    how 'bout using that return key a little bit more? lol

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    i ordered my sidekick II from this place that was doing a promotional.. Free Sidekick II w/ voice & data plan and new activation and they offer the $50 rebate but I had to print out the form but I didn't because I was so lazy lol, I could've gotten it for $8(cost for shipping & handling) but I thought the sidekick II would be a great price for $60 so I didn't bother with the $50 mail-in rebate lol. Did they send a check or did it credit your account?

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    I did know about 50.00 mail in rebate when I ordered from Walmart does it count? Cuz I never got any kind of form to mail in for rebate of 50.00 in the package as I recieved in mail. I look into retail price which is 349.99, and uhh I ordered from Walmart for 279.99 and I probably think its already comes with instant rebate otherwise I'd have pay 329.99, but the retail price is at 349.99 at T-Mobile with mail in rebate only than Walmart low price with already instant rebate..????? I guess 50 mail in rebate only applies that bought from T-Mobile store... I think is why I have not rec'd any kind of form to fill it out and mail in... in the first place.
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    The rebate comes in the form of a check to the billing address on your T-Mobile acct.
    Assuming you still have your receipt and the original box, you can still apply for the rebate. Simply go to:
    Of course you have to git off yer lazy duff, print and fill it out, but isn't 5 min. of your time and a $.39 stamp worth $50? Time's-a-wastin.
    Note to all who do the rebate thing:
    I always scan a copy of ALL the materials (once filled out, don't forget to make note of sent date) and keep it in a rebates file in My docs or desktop, then delete it once rec'd. Of course if you don't have a scanner, copy all the paperwork before you send it and file it where you can find it if you need it. Make a note on calender (electronic ones are great to remind you) of when due to receive.
    Rebate offers/forms can usually be found online by using a search engine. For this one I used google and keyed: T-Mobile+sidekick+rebate

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