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    hey guys does any1 kno how to hard reset and what happens?

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    You wouldnt have to worry becuz everything what you had on your Sidekick that is already saved in the server, once after do a hard reset and it will just reset to orginal manufacutrer settings but you wont lose any applications that is being downloaded like Yahoo! Messenger, anyway the rest will be lost like pictures and etc, but like I said everything is being saved on server that is the best thing u need to know. So you wil never worry about any that happens to Sidekick or even new one will do same thing bring back where it was all of saved things back to Sidekick once Sidekick re connect to network.

    Hard Reset you open or close screen half way you'll see small hole where you insert any very small object like paperclip where metal object is at, with power button at the same time you WILL feel brief vibrate which tells u that its been in effect doing Hard Reset =)
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    Re: how do u hard reset?

    First remove battery for a few minutes and then put it back in.

    Then at the same time hold the following:

    volume up, call button and power button (hold until it vibrates)

    When it asks for permissions select:

    select wipe data/ factory to reset

    That's it

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