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    Hey, a friend of mine that has the sidekick 3 recently misplaced it...so he called up t mobile and paid the deductible the recieve another one. After recieveing the new one in the mail he found the one he had misplaced and he is willing to sell it to me. So i was wondering would it be possible for me to purchase the phone and put it under prepaid with the $1 a day internet even though its registered lost/stolen?

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    Re: Can i still make this sidekick prepaid?

    I dont know if it is legal to do so. But it is one hundred percent possible to do it. Buy a preactivated simcard from ebay. It ususally comes with some credit. Stick it in your sidekick and use it untill your balance is below $10. Once your balance goes below $10, call customer care and ask them to change your prepaid to Tmobile $1 per day thing. Thats it.
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    Re: Can i still make this sidekick prepaid?

    yes u can still make it prepaid

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    Re: Can i still make this sidekick prepaid?

    Yes since it is under a different service provider there is no problem doing that. I dont know if you could get pre paid cards from tmobile though.

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