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All you guys posting here make good points - in my case, though, it's a
little academic; my P900's screen's dead and I need a new phone yesterday
;-) No P990? Then it's back to Windows Mobile, probably a Qtek 8300 (WLAN
vital, still want phone functionality rather than a pure PDA). I'd love to
get myself a P990 (no other phone is quite as versatile), but just can't
wait any longer :-/

: )
Chris G hi.

You cannot get P990 since its not on the market just yet... it got postponed to this quater but no one say when exactly, so you can wait until June.
But then again, it might be postpone again.

So, if you are willing to take Windows Mobile based device, go on one of the i-mates. For now, only the JASJAR is 3G phone (1/4 Kilograms is just too much for a phone), but if you don't need 3G and can sattle for EDGE, get the K-JAM.
SE have some other nice models - W800/810.

It all comes down to your needs from a device.

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