Hi all...

please can you help with a few questions I now have with my new 7660 on 3?

I have added two bookmarks, both of which worked fine on my 3510i on Orange.
One of them is yahoo wap, (http://wap.yahoo.co.uk or
(http://uk.wap.yahoo.com) and neither seem to be working.

When I try to connect, via GPRS, I get the message "No response try

I use this to check/receive/send basic e-mails.

So, next question, if I cannot access this via wap, how, or what do i change
the settings to, in the:



I have used the settings, and manually added them, so that they are the same
that I use in MSOutlook 2000, what with SMTP and POP etc, but get error
messages about sending and/or receiving failed.......

Any help/advice on how to yahoo on 3 will be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance

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