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> Certainly,
> if you upload the music files using Nokia Audio Manager ( part of PC
> Suite)
> AFTER creating a playlist in this program.
> The problem is that, as far as i know, every time you want to add a file
> to
> the playlist or change the playlist, you have to upload the new playlist
> WITH all the songs again using Nokia audio manager.
> My personal problem is that i connect to the 6230 using bluetooth, so that
> takes ages.
> It's also possible to make the folder visible (for a short while) in
> explorer. If your interested, i can explain how.

So many people have been asking about this, that I decided to add it into

In the new V2.2, you can see the Playlists folder, but more importantly,
there is a full-fledged playlist editor in there too. So now we can finally
drag & drop from any folder into a playlist without having to go round the

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