I won an Ebay auction of a Nokia 6340i. I want to make suer it
does not have any "leftovers" from the prior owner. How do I fully
reset it back to like factory condition? I will be using it with
T-mobile to go prepaid service (if that makes a difference)
I find these phones interesting as they got lots of secret
codes. does anyone have a list of the secret stuff used for the Nokia
Lastly if I do reset it to factory condition, does it become
relocked too? Not that I want it locked.
Lastly... My last nokia used a dialup number for interenet
access via cdpd when I was with Cingular. Can the Nokia 6340i use
gprs? Just curious to if there was such a option for this model.

Lastly, does anyone know if Linux with gnokii can be used to
upload games/ringtones to this model phone? I will ask in the linux
groups as well.


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