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    Re: $15 Unlimited Residential Long Distance

    In article <[email protected]>,
    [email protected] says...
    > Nope, don't need to. I already know the fine print, and was just curious
    > who is using the plan. I ask, because amazingly enough, a lot of people
    > aren't aware that it even exists.

    I actually signed up for the "Sprint Complete Sense Unlimited" plan when
    Sprint was trying to roll that out. One fee, unlimited calling within
    the USA. Our home phone bill is rock steady, and we don't worry about
    any variation unless government induces the change.

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    Jerome Zelinske

    Re: $15 Unlimited Residential Long Distance

    I used to laugh when those long distance companies would telemarket our
    house. They would say "If you make more than $25 in long distance calls
    per month, we can save you money.". Our LD bill did not reach $25 in a
    year, even before we had any wireless phones. We have the 50 at home
    too. It works great for not everyone in the family has a wireless
    phone, and our home phone has a speaker phone for those family, holiday

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    Jerome Zelinske

    Re: $15 Unlimited Residential Long Distance

    I looked at it, but it would cost me more per month and was still using
    sbc's wires and switches. Why pay more for the same quality of service?
    If they had their own wires and switches, had a lower rate plan
    without added bundled services, then I might have jumped.

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    Michael Raphael

    Re: $15 Unlimited Residential Long Distance

    Yes, we've had this for the last six months. No problems at all.
    We were paying a flat fee for 300 min. and then .06 per minute after.
    We make more than the 300 and the clarity is/was an issue (especially with elderly relatives on the other end).

    No problems with the service or switching. We are in CT where SNET/a unit of SBC is the primary service.


    "Mark" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]

    I'm curious how many people are taking advantage of the $15 long
    distance plan that is available to SprintPCS customers? If you don't
    know what I'm referring to, click this link:



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