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    Siri is your personal assistant that will help you do certain things by just talking, and you don’t even need to learn specific commands, you can talk naturally as Siri understands the natural speech.

    With Siri you can write, schedule a meeting, get directions, place a phone call, search the web and much more. And in case clarification is needed, Siri will ask you a question.

    To turn Siri on:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Tap Siri.

    To start Siri, you need to press the Home button until your personal assistant appears. You should hear two beeps as well as a message on the screen saying "What can I do for you?" Now you can start speaking. You will see the microphone lighting, which lets you know that Siri is listening. After you stopped speaking, Siri will display what it heard and provide a response. You can then cancel or confirm if what Siri understood is correct.
    To cancel a request: You can say “Cancel”, tap the Home button or press the microphone icon.

    Tell Siri information about yourself

    If Siri knows more information about you, it will be able to help you better. Normally, it learns the information about you from your info card located in Contacts – My Info. Thus, you could write your name, write about your relationships on the card and also input your home and work address. This way, you can ask Siri “How do I get to work?” or “Call my wife/brother” and it will know who you mean to call and where you want to go exactly.

    In case you do not have that info set up already, Siri will ask who your brother is, for example.


    This feature is very useful if you want to ask Siri to write an email or text, as it will allow you to edit the message instead of deleting and replacing the entire text.

    Correcting Siri

    In certain situations, it may be difficult for Siri to understand you. Thus if you’re in a noisy environment or you have an accent, Siri may need time to get used to your voice. But even if it doesn’t hear you correctly, you will still be able to make corrections.

    To correct Siri:
    after you say something, you will see a bubble showing what Siri understood. Tap that bubble and edit your request or tap the microphone located on the keyboard to start dictating.

    Some of the text Siri understood may be underlined in blue you can tap it and then suggest alternatives for that text. To do that, you can tap the desired suggestion, dictate the correct text or replace that portion by typing the text.

    To correct Siri by voice you have to tap the microphone icon and speak again to clarify your request. For example, “I meant work”.

    Note: When you correct Siri, it is best to say what you do want, not what you do not want.

    To correct a text message or mail, you can ask Siri to read the text back to you. To do that, just say something like “Read me the message”. If the message is incorrect, make the necessary modifications, if it’s correct, tell Siri to send it to the desired contact.

    While in a noisy environment, you should hold the iPhone close to your mouth, without talking directly into the bottom edge of the phone.

    See More: Use Siri on iPhone 5
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    Re: Use Siri on iPhone 5

    Hi Lyanna! I really this post. It is very useful and informative post for iphone users. This feature of iphone is very much similar to personal assistant and very useful in this busy life.

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    Re: Use Siri on iPhone 5

    Thanks for this very useful post!!!!

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    Re: Use Siri on iPhone 5

    siri is our life..

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