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    Apple is facing an unprecedented challenge. One by one, key executives are leaving their positions, which is bound to cause a lot of uncontrollable turmoil in the short term.

    A series of executives left Apple

    Apple will face a real challenge. It was an unprecedented change in the company's executive team. During the second half of 2022 alone, about a dozen senior executives left Apple. Most of them are vice presidents, meaning titles just below CEO Tim Cook. They are the people who run many extremely important core functions at Apple. These vice presidents oversee up to 11 different key areas.

    In previous years, Apple let a few Vice Presidents leave

    Among the directors who left, the most typical one could be the head of the self-driving car project who joined Ford Motor. Of course, there was also a flurry of new executives being appointed by Apple to take on the duties of retail boss Deirde O'Brien. And an information director to replace David Smoley and Mary Demby.

    In the previous class of cases when senior personnel left, Apple had to reallocate responsibilities or promote those who stayed to stabilize the situation.

    Procurement manager Tony Blevins is responsible for handing over to his colleague, Dan Rosckes. The duties of hardware executive Laura Legros are transferred to Yannick Bertolus, vice president of hardware integrity. Vice President of Service Engineering Jeff Robbin will take over the role of director Michael Abbott starting April.

    Apple is challenged with many disturbances from the separation

    Although Apple has added successors capable of taking on the responsibilities of retired directors. However, Evans Hankey is a special case. He is the outgoing director of industrial design at the company, and Apple has not been able to find a replacement for him yet. Instead, each member of the design team was asked to report to CEO Jeff Williams. Similarly, Apple has not been able to replace its director of privacy.

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    Re: A series of key executives quit, Apple faces new challenges

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