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    Mark 08
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    Anyone have Integras? I'm looking into purchasing one soon. If you guys have any, what are your experiences with them?

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    I currently have a 1996 JDM Honda Integra, i love it. But id go for a Type R. Its well worth the extra penny. Great on looks and good economy for the amount of power. Great car is what i think...

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    my friend juan has a '98integra ls
    it has the b18.. he boosted it t3/04, internals, lsd, traction bar, steel clutch etc
    hasnt been to the track yet this year
    last year before any of the stuff for traction or internals, on 10.5psi he ran i think a 14.2 at 113mph... yea you try and launch with a steel clutch when nothings done for traction besides azenis

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