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    I have been married to my wife for three years. We have a little daughter. She will be two years old this year. During my wife's maternity leave, she stopped taking care of herself. She got fat and intimacy in bed naturally became rare. And then it completely disappeared. And I was forced to have a mistress... I have to look her up on the Internet. I can't meet her in person because of my wife. She gets in the way. I don't know what to do or what to do. I love my daughter very much. I don't want to lose her. I've lost interest in my wife. What sites do you use to meet girls?

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    Re: Where to find a mistress?

    Similar situations have often occurred. When interest in his wife is lost. And she loses interest in you. But this is a personal matter for everyone. If you don't want to return the romantic relationship in the family. Then get out of there and look for another lady. There is no need to torment yourself and your loved ones.

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    Re: Where to find a mistress?

    When my wife and I divorced, I tried to come to my senses. To get out of the depression. I thought time would pass and it would get easier. But it didn't work. Then I wanted to forget myself. Started looking at different dating site Thought I'd play around for a while and that would be the end of it. But it didn't work out. I met a beautiful girl. She helped me get out of my depression and start living again. So don't be afraid to leave the family. If you don't have feelings for your wife. Why stay then? Start your life over. You shouldn't cheat while you're still together. Wait for the divorce. You can spend time with your daughter.
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    Re: Where to find a mistress?

    Hi guys. If you need a mistress then I want to advise you a good dating site You can find the most beautiful girl for a relationship here. But I want to tell you that I am not a supporter of this format of relations. It is better for you to find out all the nuances with your wife and maybe even break up to start a new happy life with a new girlfriend.

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