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    We are a non-accredited business. Wondering what others do in relation to medical costs for a workplace injury. We have a preferred medical provider, who we pay for the costs of the appointment. If worker does not report injury and goes to their own GP we do not reimburse medical costs. What about costs incurred for physio and x-rays? As a matter of course workers used to pay the surcharge but those charges are now significant e.g. $50 for a xray, wondering what others are doing in respect to this..

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    Re: Who pays medical costs for a work injury

    I used to take about 5 weeks per year off, and everything was fine. However, we decided to move with my hubby, and I needed to change my work

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    Re: Who pays medical costs for a work injury

    You must be paid for any work-related injury; this is stated in employers' rights. However, this only applies to official organizations. If your organization is not, that is up to your CEO. Knowing your rights is extremely important when applying for a new job and in a new field. That's why you better study this article There you will find more useful information on your question. And my advice: never be afraid to tell your bosses that they are violating your rights and personal boundaries. If they ignore your problem, find a good lawyer and continue to assert your rights.

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