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    What is the best form of house heating?
    Geothermal heating is. Our now invisible drillhole is 160 meters and the heatpump doesn’t take up much space in the house. Our electricity bill is cheap and there is no need for any maintenance - we haven’t even touched a button since 2004. Everything is fully automatic with temperature sensors inside and outside. Our house heating system paid itself back years ago. We heat 240 square meters (2 583 sq feet) to 22,7 centigrade (73 Fahrenheit) and our yearly power consumption for our house heating in Sweden is less than 10 000 kWh (comparable climate to Canada).

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    Re: What is the best form of house heating?

    Hello, with the rise in heating prices, I thought about ways that could save me money, I have been looking for a long time how to do this and found an article about heating, I recommend you read it if you want to save as much as I do, this is a really cool way to save your money!

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    Re: What is the best form of house heating?

    You raised a very actual question here, the new heating season is coming and I am choosing an adequate heating appliances for my house. Currently I tend to products from Rheem, even saved their rheem customer service just in case; I am looking for a tankless technology at the moment.
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