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    I got my bill in from ATT. They have $62 activation fees for the two phones I got on 11/26/07 with a new family plan. I was to get the activation fees waived since I work for the government.. The manager called me tonight to tell me that he had to charge the activation fees since he kicked the accessories in for free.. But, he is forgetting that the accessories were to be picked up, their end, since I also took the DSL 1.5mb package...

    Anybody know what he is trying to pull?
    Around 21:00 got the issue resolved. 1) the Manager called me to tell me that I was wrong about the activation. He said I was told that either I got the free accessories, or no activation. 2) I called him back and reminded him of the DSL offer, that HE made to me, and that I accepted. It washed the residual fees for the phones and accessories. He doesn't remember that part. After spending nearly 35 minutes on hold, and speaking with no less than eight ATT people, I gave up and started to pack the phones up. Then, a Customer Care person took the fee off the bill. THe manager should be canned for lying like a rug. Best Buy, COSTCO, WALMART, AND RADIOSHACK ALL WAIVED ACTIVATION THE ATT FEES THE LAST WEEK OF XMAS. AND COSTCO OFFERED ALL THE ACCESSORIES, CASE, DC CHARGER, AND BLUETOOTH FREE!!!!!

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