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Now that the scourge of their IPO has almost passed, it has been revealed that the Facebook company is going to make their own smartphone. They have tried this in the past, but this effort seems to be the "real deal", with the "behind the scenes" reporting of Facebook hiring former Apple workers to get the job done. The project seems to be code named, "Buffy" from the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. HTC is the chosen manufacturer.

Although there are other smartphones out there that have had Facebook deeply integrated into their structure, it looks like they were not enough. Looking at the recent ( and investigated ) buyout of Instagram for a cool one billion dollars, it can be added together with a few other factors. Facebook has been rumored to be buying mobile browser maker Opera. With Android being a freely downloaded mobile operating system, it would be the perfect storm against rival Google. It would also be ironic, since Google is the one who made Android. Amazon used Android on their own Kindle and then made their own Android app store.

The Facebook smartphone project is called "Buffy" and is rumored to be finished some time next year. The recent news that upwards of 40 percent of those accessing the social network using a mobile device was the impetus. It is reported that a Facebook smartphone would get an immediate 432 million or more prospects for its handset if they did end up making one. Those accessing the network via a desktop computer are still growing, but not like the number of mobile users. Facebook is projected to ensnare half the population of the United States by next year. The percentage of US adults who own a cell phone has risen to 88 percent this year. Over half of them are using a smartphone. That is plenty of reasons to make a smartphone.

With an Apple 16 gigabyte iPhone making $400 dollars per sale, and half the population of the US in their sights, the money is too big for Facebook to ignore. Buffy, an unlikely name for the Facebook phone, will be presented not just to the United States, but to other countries as well. They are moving up to a billion users for their network, and with that much sway, they could make social and mobile a way of life for a sizable portion of most of the world. Look for it to happen in 2013.
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    wow,its really a good news
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    They can do some big changes in the mobile industry if they can get this done. It is going to be biiig next year. I think they will do it.
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